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#Observa opinion polls: #---------------------- # #From 1967 and onwards Observa has carried out a number of opinion polls, i.e. surveys of attitudes and habits of life, partly through so-called political index polls (postal panel surveys) and partly through more extensive attitudinal surveys based on interviews. The political index polls have been carried out regularly in the period (approx. 10 times a year), whereas the attitudinal surveys have been carried out quarterly in the period 1969 to 1972. The current data collection of similar data material over a long period of time makes it possible to carry out various kinds of time series analyses, especially as regards party preference. #Other subjects are usually treated more superficially owing to the conditions under which the surveys are carried out (they are designed for publication in daily papers so the main emphasis has been put on topical issues, and only subjects which may be dealt with by means of a limited number of questions are included). #Until 1971 the political index polls were carried out for the daily paper Aktuelt; from 1972 for the daily paper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten. The attitudinal surveys have been carried out exclusively for Jyllands-Posten. # #Observa Political Index Polls, 1971: #------------------------------------ #In 1971 Observa carried out 9 political index polls. All the questions from these surveys, together with a fixed set of recurring background variables (the respondent's sex, year of birth, marital status and position in the household; geographical location of place of residence (part of the country and county) and degree of urbanization as well as type and ownership of the dwelling; the respondent's education, occupational status, designation of occupation and trade union membership), are found in the 'year file' (this survey). In addition, the individual political index polls, which contain various questions on topical issues, are found in DDA-0900 to DDA-0908. # #The individual political index polls deal with the following topical issues: # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: January (DDA-0900): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; the Christian People's Party; the influence of various politicians on their parties and on the government; and government formation after the next general election. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: February (DDA-0901): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; smoking habits; tobacco advertisements; and information campaign on the dangers of smoking. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: March (DDA-0902): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; general speed restrictions; driving licence; driving test; use of bicycles; and bicycle paths. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: May (DDA-0903): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; participation in a referendum on Danish membership of the EC; and the P.A.Y.E. tax system. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: June (DDA-0904): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; government formation after the next general election; and assessment of whether firms and companies should be under public control, under combined public/private control or under private control (e.g. P&T, the telephone service, banks/savings banks, and oil and gas extraction companies). # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: August (DDA-0905): #Assessment of the Government's performance; and assessment of the performance of the opposition. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: October (DDA-0906): #News (on the radio, on TV, in the daily newpapers, etc.) before the strike; news information during the radio and TV strike; Denmark's recognition of North Vietnam; and sentences for various offences (e.g. theft, smuggling, cruelty to children). # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: November (DDA-0907): #Assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; radio or TV in household; and attitude to radio and TV licence fees being paid via the taxes. # #Observa Political Index Polls 1971: December (DDA-0908): #Participation in the general election on 22 November, 1966; assessment of the Government's performance; assessment of the performance of the opposition; the contribution of the USA, the USSR and China to world peace; and participation in a referendum on Danish membership of the EC


Fraud, Unlawfully use, Child abuse, Bike path, Cruelty to animals, EU referendum, General election, Greenland, Speed restriction, Tax deducted at the source, The Christian People's Party, Driving licence, Driving test, North Vietnam, Public company, Opposition, Party preferences, Politician, Private company, Radio, Cooperation with the government, Advertisement, Smoking habits, Smoking, Robbery, Tax evasion, Smuggling, Drink-driving, Sentencing, Strike action, Sexual offence, TV, TV licence, Theft, World peace, Vietnam


Politics: Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion, Politics: Domestic political issues, Politics: Elections, Politics: Political ideology, Information and communication: Advertising, Health: Drug abuse, alcohol and smoking, Health: Physical fitness and exercise, Law, crime and legal systems: Legislation, Information and communication: Mass media, Politics: International politics and organisations, Labour and employment: Labour relations/conflict, Politics: Conflict, security and peace, Economics: Economic systems and development, Economics: Economic policy (including budget and fiscal policy, public expenditure and public revenue)


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National, DK

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Variables: 302
Analysis unit: Individuals, Danish citizens with the right to vote.


In data set: 1584
Original sample: NA


Kind of data: Survey data

Time dimension: Panel study,

Sampling procedure: Other

Action to minimize loos: If a panel member has not completed a questionnaire twice in succession, a reminder is sent out; if a panel member has not completed a questionnaire three times in succession, the member is excluded from the panel without further notice from Observa. In connection with each political index poll a competition (for small cash prizes) is arranged among the respondents who have sent in the questionnaires in due time.

Data collection

Mode of collection: Mail survey

Test type: Structured questionnaire

Number of questions: 300

Data Collector: NA

Temporal coverage

Start: 1971-01-20
End: 1971-12-18


Observa, Observa Political Index Polls, 1971, Dansk Data Arkiv Danish Data Archive, 1992. 1 data file: DDA-899, version: 1.0.0, http://dx.doi.org/10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-899

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DOI: 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-899

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Received: 1992-07-01


Study state: The Danish Data Archive has fully documented and preserved the data in a long-term preservation format.
Access conditions: Science and Statistics


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Primary publications

  • Observa, Danskerne. Meninger, holdninger, vaner. The Danes. Opinions, Attitudes, Habits. Observa 1967-1977, København, Observa, 806 pp., 1977

Secondary publications

  • Thomsen, Søren Risbjerg; Berglund, Sten og Worlund, Ingemar, Assessing the validity of the logit method for ecological inference, Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands, European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 441-477, 1991