Danish Election Study 1998, Supplementary Part

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Principal Investigator

Ole Borre, Institut for Statskundskab, Aarhus Universitet, Universitetsparken
Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Institut for Statskundskab, Københavns Universitet
Jørgen Goul Andersen, Institut for Statskundskab, Aalborg Universitet


Codebook: Variables, universes, concepts, survey design and frequency distribution



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In order to map out voter migration and party choice within generations and occupational groups, etc. a supplementary study is carried out in connection with each general election with a few selected background variables as well as party preference. In this way a sample of approx. 4000 respondents is obtained regarding central background variables. # The supplementary part is usually carried out by including a number of additional questions about age, occupational status and party choice at the latest and the last general election in connection with an omnibus with personal interviews carried out immediately after the election survey. # In 1998 the supplementary part is obtained from a survey carried out in connection with the project 'Demokrati fra Neden' (Democracy and Influence) (DDA-6300), which was carried out by ACNielsen AIM parallel with and in immediate continuation of the election survey 1998 (DDA-4189), with the same survey methodology and with the same social background variables. However, in addition there is a number of overlapping political variables, which means that in 1998 there is the usual special data set with approx. 4000 respondents but this time with a somewhat broader selection of variables than usual


General election, Party identification, Party preferences, Political position, Punishment, Economic growth


Politics: Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion, Politics: Elections, Economics: Income, property and investment/saving, Education, Social stratification and groupings: Gender and gender roles, Labour and employment: Employment


Geographic Coverage

National, DK

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Variables: 50
Analysis unit: Individuals, Danish citizens aged 18 or more, living in private households.


In data set: 4033
Original sample: NA


Kind of data: Survey data

Time dimension: Cross-sectional study,

Sampling procedure: NA

Action to minimize loos: NA

Data collection

Mode of collection: Face-to-face interview

Test type: Structured questionnaire

Number of questions: 47

Data Collector: NA

Temporal coverage

Start: 1998-06-21
End: 1998-08-30


Ole Borre, Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Jørgen Goul Andersen, Johannes Andersen, Danish Election Study 1998, Supplementary Part, Dansk Data Arkiv Danish Data Archive, 2001. 1 data file: DDA-6301, version: 1.0.0, http://dx.doi.org/10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-6301

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DOI: 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-6301

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Received: 2000-01-01


Study state: The Danish Data Archive has fully documented and preserved the data in a long-term preservation format.
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