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Danish Gallup Omnibus Data, 1977 comprises 21 omnibus surveys carried out by the Danish Gallup Institute in 1977. #Each of the 21 omnibuses consists of a number of recurring questions as well as a number of special questions (concerning topical events). The present survey is a year file based on all the 1977 omnibuses. # #The questions common to all 1977 omnibuses are: The respondent's sex, age and marital status; the respondent's occupational status, education and gross income; gross household income; the bread-winner's occupation; number of persons in the household; number of children (persons under 15) and number of adults (persons aged 15 and over); the respondent's status in household; status of the housewife; type of dwelling and residence according to degree of urbanization; social group; party preference; as well as a number of questions about the respondent's newspaper reading habits. # #The special questions deal with such issues as: # #Omnibus no. 01 (DDA-0380): #TV in household; assessment of the TV programmes 'Kontrapunkt' (Counterpoint, a music quiz); knowledge of and attitude to Christiania; attitudes to development aid; attitudes to the Pill; and the use of the Pill (side effects, period of use, etc.). # #Omnibus no. 02 (DDA-0381): #The respondent's assessment of whether the political parties wanted the election; political questions which were decisive for the general election; which party pays most attention to the home-owners' problems; the most important political problems to solve after the election; whether the respondent will vote at the coming election; interest in politics; membership of a constituency organization; attitude to a number of courses of action taken in order to influence the public opinion or put pressure on the politicians (signing a petition, demonstrations, boycott of rent payment, illegal strikes, blockades of companies or buildings, traffic blockades, reader's letters, contact to politicians); whether the general election on 15 February was necessary; and whether the large number of small parties is good or bad for the political work. # #Omnibus no. 03 (DDA-0382): #No special questions. # #Omnibus no. 04 (DDA-0383): #Placing of the political parties on a left-right scale; the use of the form of address 'du' in magazines and advertisements, in shops, on the radio, on TV, and at the place of work; and attitude to abolishing the deferential form af address 'De'. # #Omnibus no. 05 (DDA-0384): #TV in household; and assessment of the TV serial 'Fiskerne' (The Fishermen). # #Omnibus no. 06 (DDA-0385): #No special questions. # #Omnibus no. 07 (DDA-0386): #Assessment of the results of the recent collective bargaining; assessment of the two national organizations, the DA and the LO (the Danish Employers' Association and the Danish Trades Union Congress); collective bargaining versus Denmark's economic situation; membership of a trade union under LO; higher wages versus unemployment; and attitudes to illegal strikes. # #Omnibus no. 08 (DDA-0387): #No special questions. # #Omnibus no. 09 (DDA-0388): #Assessment of the performance of the Government; whether and what the respondent voted at the referendum on Denmark's entry into the Common Market in 1972; voting intention at a hypothetical referendum today; and attitude to an expansion of the co-operation within the EC. # #Omnibus no. 10 (DDA-0389): #Assessment of the impact of the energy shortage; attitude to nuclear power versus lasting energy sources, such as sun and wind energy; whether one of these energy sources is sufficient in the future; which source of energy Denmark should use in the future (both energy sources, only nuclear energy, only sun and wind energy); whether the respondent has discussed energy questions with family and friends within the last two weeks; summer holiday plans; and holiday abroad, in a weekend cottage or at home. # #Omnibus no. 11 (DDA-0390): #Knowledge of the recently introduced traffic regulations; and knowledge of the advertisement, the pamphlet, the school children's pamphlet, and the TV programmes about these regulations. # #Omnibus no. 12 (DDA-0391): #Knowledge and assessment of the political settlement in August; the effects of the political settlement; assessment of Denmark's economic situation, of wages and of trade efficiency; economic industrial democracy versus a wage freeze; which political party would be able to solve Denmark's problems; assessment of the Government's performance; attitudes to NATO; tax on unearned increment; and additional income tax versus increased VAT. # #Omnibus no. 13 (DDA-0392): #Whether the respondent has a driving licence; car in household; assessment and use of the Great Belt ferry service; access to and use of bicycle; physical exercise; attitude to the general development of Danish society; and preferred social situation at work/at home/among friends (social intercourse). # #Omnibus no. 14 (DDA-0393): #Assessment of the TV quiz 'Tippejob' (a Danish equivalent of 'What's My Line?'); and assessment of the Glistrup case: will the sentence passed on him be just and impartial or politically motivated. # #Omnibus no. 15 (DDA-0394): #Assessment of the performance of the Government; knowledge of and attitude to the changed broadcasting times of Danish TV; and general attitude to the TV programmes. # #Omnibus no. 16 (DDA-0395): #Attitude to public subsidies to culture in general and to the Royal Theatre in particular; telephone in household; whether and what the respondent voted at the EC referendum in 1972; voting intention at a hypothetical referendum today; attitude to an expansion of co-operation within the EC; attitude to a political union; interest in politics; and interest in art. # #Omnibus no. 17 (DDA-0396): #No special questions. # #Omnibus no. 18 (DDA-0397): #No special questions. # #Omnibus no. 19 (DDA-0398): #Knowledge of and attitude to the Social Democratic proposal concerning economic industrial democracy; attitude to a central fund; the consequences if only the employers pay to such a fund; whether the respondent prefers to own shares in an enterprise or have a share in a central fund; membership of a trade union under LO (the Danish Trades Union Congress); knowledge of the so-called birth criterion as applied in Greenland; main cause of unemployment: too few jobs or too high unemployment benefit; and what the respondent prefers: that unemployment benefit is reduced or that the Labour Exchange is made more efficient. # #Omnibus no. 20 (DDA-0399): #Attitude to whether doctors should pass on information about serious illnesses to patients and relatives; whether people have most good or bad qualities; whether the respondent uses the old or the new orthography; and causes of marital quarrels. # #Omnibus no. 21 (DDA-0400): #Assessment of the TV serial 'I, Claudius'; whether the children in the household has watched the serial; TV in household; attitude to a lowering of the electoral age to 18 at a hypothetical referendum; expectations of 1978 as regards prices, unemployment, labour unrest, Denmark's economic situation and the family's living standards; and vote at a hypothetical referendum on Danish membership of the EC. # #Unless otherwise stated, the rest of this study description deals with the recurring questions only. All 1977 omnibuses, containing both recurring and special questions, are available at the DDA and have been processed to Class D (DDA-0380 to DDA-0400)


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Politics: Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion, Politics: Elections, Politics: Political ideology, Information and communication: Mass media, Transport, travel (and mobility): Transport, travel (and mobility), Society and culture: Leisure, tourism and sport


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Variables: 152
Analysis unit: Individuals, Danish citizens aged 15 or more, living in private households.


In data set: 23404
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Kind of data: Survey data

Time dimension: Cross-sectional (one time) study - partial replication,

Sampling procedure: Other

Action to minimize loos: NA

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Mode of collection: Face-to-face interview

Test type: Structured questionnaire

Number of questions: 150

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Start: 1977-01-15
End: 1977-12-11


TNS Gallup, Danish Gallup Omnibus Data, 1977, Dansk Data Arkiv Danish Data Archive, 1981. 1 data file: DDA-240, version: 1.0.0, http://dx.doi.org/10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-240

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DOI: 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-240

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Received: 1981-06-01


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