Voter Behaviour in Greenland, 1984

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In 1984 a large questionnaire survey was carried out at the Ilisimatusarfik/Greenland University of the attitudes of the Greenland population to a number of social questions. Due to lack of resources at the University this data material has never been systematically analysed in full. Thus, there is still a large, not examined material on the electorate in Greenland - an electorate which has not so far been subject to any systematic attitudinal analyses. # The purpose of the first part of the project is to carry out a systematic analysis of the survey material from 1984 (this material). # The purpose of the second part of the project (DDA-1518) is to carry out a new questionnaire survey in 1989. The questionnaire is based on the questionnaire from 1984, which has been adjusted to include current political issues. # The third part of the project consists of a systematic analysis of the answers from the 1989-survey and of a political scientific analysis of attitudinal changes of the electorate during the period based on an analysis of changes in the Greenland society


Drinking culture, Greenland


Society and culture: Social behaviour and attitudes, Politics: Mass political behaviour, attitudes/opinion, Politics: Elections


Geographic Coverage

Regional, DK, Greenland

Data set

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Variables: 45
Analysis unit: Individuals, The electorate in Greenland as of 6 June, 1984.


In data set: 1348
Original sample: NA


Kind of data: Survey data

Time dimension: Cross-sectional (one time) study - partial replication, The questionnaire was used in a similar survey from 1989.

Sampling procedure: Other, A sample from the registration office lists in the Greenland municipalities.

Action to minimize loos: NA

Data collection

Mode of collection: Mail survey

Test type: Structured questionnaire

Number of questions: 43

Data Collector: NA

Temporal coverage

Start: 1984-04-01
End: 1984-05-30


Per Langgård, Finn Breinholt Larsen, Voter Behaviour in Greenland, 1984, Dansk Data Arkiv Danish Data Archive, 2000. 1 data file: DDA-1624, version: 1.0.0, http://dx.doi.org/10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-1624

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DOI: 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-1624

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Received: 1997-01-01


Study state: The Danish Data Archive has fully documented and preserved the data in a long-term preservation format.
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