Sense of security measurement 2004-2013

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Number of studies: 7

Principal Investigator

Anders Hede, Trygfonden,
Jørgen Goul Andersen, Institut for Statskundskab, Aalborg Universitet



The purpose of the study is to investigate the causes of increase and decrease in the sense of security of Danes.


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Alcohol, Assault, Child safety, Childhood, Circumstances for home owners, Circumstances of health, Citizen safety, Concern, Consumption habit, Consumption of alcohol, Consumption pattern, Contact with public authority, Criminality, Danish politics, Disposable amount, Drinking habits, Drug, Drunken driving, Economic crisis, Economic situation, Employment security, Equity, Fear of crime, Fear of disease, Fear of violence, Financial situation of the family, First aid, Health, Health condition, Household income, Housing situation, Income, Job security, Job situation, Loan against property, Media coverage, Media effect, Party, Personal fears, Personal finance, Personal safety, Police report, Position, Prioritisation, Private employment, Public employment, Relationship to parents, Safety, Safety in employment, Satisfaction with ones existance, Security in residential areas, Self-estimated health, Self-image, Smoke detector, Social conditions, Social life, Social network, Society, The economic and social crisis, Threat, Truant, Trust in politicians, Trust in public institutions, Trust in your fellow citizens, Unemployment, View on society, Violence, Vocational education, Voting intention, Weak groups in society, Welfare


Society and culture, Society and culture: Social conditions and indicators

Temporal coverage

Start: 2004-09-01
End: 2013-06-28

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Primary publications

  • Anders Hede, Tryghedsrapport 2004, , 79, 1970-01-01T01:00:02.000+01:00
  • Anders Hede, Tryghedsmåling 2005 - af den danske befolkning, , 36, 1970-01-01T01:00:02.000+01:00
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